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Science North - Sudbury, ON

Experimentarium - Hellerup, Denmark


- Fully immersive environment featuring 180 degrees animated video and seamless blending of wall screen and floor projection space

- Movement sensing technology

Projected movement feedback on floor

- Three language options: English, French, and Danish

Full Accessible



Healthy Living

Physical Activity

Human Performance

Get moving in the Ready, Set, Move! theatre! This fully immersive, active and interactive experience will take visitors on a journey into the world of healthy living. Visitors will jump, dodge, twist and play throughout the show, their actions helping our hero Anna on her quest to save her family from an ominous, dark fog.


Combining movement sensing and feedback technology with a powerful health-themed narrative, this experience is unprecedented in the attractions field. Movement-sensing technology allows visitors own physical activity to contribute to the story, while responsive feedback projected onto the floor surface encourages visitors to stay active throughout the experience. This 10-minute burst of fun, social physical activity allows visitors to rediscover the joy of movement and encourage them to get active in their daily lives.​

Ready, SET, MOVE! was created in partnership with